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As a nonprofit association made up of volunteer students striving to promote innovation, act entrepreneurially, and create a sustainable future, supporting Enactus means supporting inspired students. Our collaborations, sponsors, and advisors partially fund our work, enhance our project efforts through workshops, and help us achieve greater success. Get to know a fantastic team and help us make the world a slightly better place with successful projects. Every donation and contact helps us move closer to our goals and implement our ideas in an entrepreneurial way. Have any questions? Contact us to learn more about how you can support Enactus Lüneburg e.V.!

Support Through Your Resources

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Help Enactus Lüneburg achieve great things. Whether through financial support, in-kind donations, or the provision of expertise and infrastructure, your contributions are vital to the success of our projects. With your help, we can implement sustainable and impactful initiatives and establish a valuable connection between your company and tomorrow's leaders. In return, we offer significant benefits to you as well.