Join Our Team!

Make Enactus a highlight of your studies! Connect, broaden your horizons, and gain invaluable entrepreneurial experience. Join us in advancing the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and make a real impact through entrepreneurial action. Start your journey towards a more sustainable "us" here!

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Seven reasons to join Enactus


Practical Experience in Real Projects

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At Enactus, you apply academic knowledge directly to solve real-world problems. This is the perfect place to translate theory into practice and actively improve the world.


Entrepreneurial Thinking and Execution

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Kickstart your entrepreneurial career at Enactus, where you lead projects from conception to execution. Here, you'll learn to create business plans and discuss them with experienced advisors to refine your entrepreneurial understanding.


Sustainable Commitment

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Advocate for the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and contribute to socially and ecologically responsible solutions. At Enactus, you can make a significant impact towards a better world.


Build a Valuable Network

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Leverage our extensive network of over 1700 students and numerous alumni. By collaborating with experienced business advisors, you gain not only support but also valuable insights and contacts.


Realize Your Visions

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Bring your own ideas to life with the support of our Innovation Team. At Enactus, you have the freedom to be creative and shape your projects on your own terms.


Work hard, play hard!

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Our events provide the perfect opportunity to meet other students and forge friendships that last throughout your studies. Last summer, for example, we won the Flunkyball tournament against other clubs and organizations on campus. We organize karaoke nights and go on a team trip twice a year!


What are you waiting for?

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Getting involved with Enactus is easy. Come to our kick-off meetings at the start of the semester, join our WhatsApp group, or contact us on social media (@enactuslg). We look forward to new faces and fresh ideas!

We are everywhere!

Join us and make a difference with Enactus! With our presence in 30 German cities and 35 countries worldwide, we are an extensive network dedicated to achieving sustainable improvements through entrepreneurial projects. Become part of this impressive movement!