For Enactees

Dear Enactees! We have many tools to support you in your project and department work. We use Google Workspace for communication and data management. We can also work with Notion Plus or Canva Pro. In the Enactus annual calendar you will find all upcoming events and won't miss anything.

Google Workspace

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Each enactee receives a Google Workspace account and can use it to reach all other enactees and edit and save data in Collaboration. If you have any questions, please contact our Digital Administration department at

Notion Plus and Canva Pro

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On Notion, all enactees can create their own team spaces for their departments and projects in order to organize themselves. The Public Relations department uses Canva Pro to create marketing content, such as Instagram posts or recruiting posters. Contact if you are interested in PR work for the association.

Enactus Annual Calender

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In this calendar you will find all events that take place at Enactus Germany level. Networking is one of the great advantages of Enactus, so these are the best way to connect with each other.